Appeasement – is Borjomi.


 You won’t hurry anywhere! Borjomi, is like a slowed ticking of clocks, only in framing of the hills, waterfalls, fairylike forests and, of course, mineral waters. Nothing is done there. There is only dreaming, thinking and talking… Talking in the forest while you walk to Seraphim of Sarov Monastery, collecting tree cones – until you come across mineral water baths, weaving branches on your way back.

 Romanovs did not build their summer residence in Borjomi by accident. Not by accident was Reza-Mirza-Khan searching for appeasement here, who build an incredible mansion “Firuza” by the park entrance. In 19th century everyone was searching for a place where time was slowing down, just so they could enjoy the moment. But eras change, and financial investments of 19th century changed for the next hundred years, with the rise of communist power…

 Today Borjomi is a small city, in the ravine of river Borjomula, with famous throughout whole former Union mineral waters, which, like nostalgy and memories of childhood, attracts tourists.


Route: Samtavisi church, Grakliani excavations, Borjomi, Serafim of Sarov Monastery, mineral water pools (at will)