Delight – is Kakheti


 To many people the most east region of Georgia-Kakheti-is associated with wine. I am not going to argue, wine- is the most important thing in Kakheti. But, drinking wine in Telavi or Signagi with wonderful view over Alazani valley or Caucasian ridge is a delight. Kakheti is able to satisfy even the most nitpicky of the tourists requests: dry red Saperavi and Nekresi monastery; half-sweet Kindzmarauli and city of love Signagi; dry white Rkatsiteli and Academy of science Ikalto; replete Mukuzani and Gombori pass; unique Mtsvane and half-desert of David-Gareja. Here are compatible both aesthetic and gastronomic needs! And yes, you will be delighted from Kakheti!



-  Monastery Bodbe, Signagi, Chavchavadze estate in Tsinandali, winery Shumi, Telavi, Gombori pass.

-  Monastery Bodbe, Signagi, church Kvelatsminda, winery Khareba.

-  Gombori pass, Ujarma, Old and New Shuamta, Telavi, monatery Nekresi, Gremi castle, winery.

-  Gombori pass, Ujarma, Old and New Shuamta, Ikalto academy, abandoned town Kvetera, family winery. (exclusive  tour)