Greatness- is Kazbegi

 Road to Stepantsminda (former Kazbegi) – is like some form of weightlessness. From one side you have a cliff, and from the other you have a rock. Road to Kazbegi – is a road of expectation. An expectation to see the greatness of Kazbegi. And still, weightlessness overshadows expectation. Because, praised by many, Georgian Military Road makes you forget where you are going. We are going simply and easily: while taking photos, admiring, resting, drinking mineral waters, breathing clean air and enjoying. Not even suspecting that greatness of Kazbeg will strike us straight away, unexpectedly and… only in the center of Stepantsminda. Great grey old man is artfully hiding during the whole road, so he can appear out of nowhere and say: “Tired? Did you like it? I have my head in the clouds, but while you drink coffee in Rooms hotel. I will try and scatter them…” And while you drink coffee in Rooms, with a view over Kazbeg and Gergeti Trinity Church, the clouds are being dragged away by the wind.

Route: Ananuri castle, confluence of two rivers Aragvi- White and Black, Arch of Friendship, Stepantsminda (former Kazbegi), Gergeti Trinity church, village Sno.