Love – is Tbilisi


How do I explain Love to you? Unspeakable, aware of its flaws?

Tbilisi, is a little bit dusty and slow, with narrow streets and blue balconies. This warm (Tbili – warm) city, with which you must get used to. You must get used to the noises, stairs, lazy cats, old doors and cracks on the walls… This is old, but magnificent. These are ruins, but they are our love. Walk around Tbilisi, walking around corners, searching for history. And you will find it. You are going to find a house, where lived Tchaikovsky or a house where brothers Siemens lived, you are going to find a bath, which was preferred by Pushkin… You are going to find Atashgah (a Zoroastrian temple), a very well hidden temple from curious eyes on a very steep street of Gomi, to which you must walk first! But, it will be worth it! Tbilisi is worth that time, that you are going to spend on it! You are going to be thankful to it, because it will gift you a lot of emotions, and it will equally answer to your Love.

 Diverse Tbilisi. In this sunny city, you are not going to understand whether, are Georgians arguing  or are just talking. Here everything is emotional! With gestures. Middle ground here is not known. Mother of Georgia will not welcome you with smile: either wine for friends, or sword for the enemies. Georgians are the most hospitable people and they see God in every guest. It will not be hard for you to believe us, we are honest.

Welcome to our country, to our hearts and to our Tbilisi.


Route: sulfur baths, Mosque, Narikala fortress, Anchiskhati church, Sioni church, Ateshgah, Betlemi street (with three Betlemi churches), Armenian church St Gevorg.